Who We Are

The Collingwood Foundry is a coworking space and community hub for entrepreneurs in Collingwood and beyond. We have a strong focus on building community and connection to support the growth of our members' businesses. Whether that's through access to work space, meeting space, mentorship, networking, programming, events, or funding. Collingwood Foundry has become the leading hub for entrepreneurs to access whatever they need to continue running and growing their business.

We're always ready to help you find the resource you need or to simply sit down and have a coffee to discuss where you'd like to go, even if it's to simply connect with other entrepreneurs.

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Businesses aren’t made in the dark, and entrepreneurs aren’t made in isolation

Who you become in the world is influenced by who you chose to surround yourself with. Friends, mentors, partners, other entrepreneurs. The path you travel down is made easier because of the connections you build along the way. They have the power to lift you up, support you, drive you, and inspire you.

The Foundry isn’t just a coworking space. It’s a community. It’s a hub for those building great things that chose not to do it alone. It’s a space for people to connect and make connections. It’s a platform that nurtures the most important aspect of personal and professional growth. Relationships.

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Our Principles

For us, it’s all about community. Communities are easy to start, and incredibly difficult to keep alive.

Since our inception we've identifies a few key principles that have helped keeps ours alive and thriving. The success of the community relies on these and they reach deep into our core values.
  1. Netgiving over networking.
  2. Supporting personal growth and wellness.
  3. Collaboration over competition
  4. Peer mentoring
  5. Confidentiality is key

Collingwood - Home to Great Builders

Over a century ago Collingwood established itself as a strong shipbuilding community, leading to the launch of over 200 ships. Today, that spirit of building greatness still remains in the minds and hearts of our community.Every year we see new ideas built and launched into the global market by those who have chosen to call Collingwood home.

The castings of Collingwood’s former foundry may have cooled today, but every year the minds of our entrepreneurs are molding new businesses and launching them into the world. The Collingwood Foundry is a community supporting those builders at any stage.

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